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Student Orgs:

Creative Career Origination Lab [CoLab]

This lab provides students with design software and opportunities to gain hands on experience to hone creative skills.

Sci Fi Lab

This a space for students interested in science fiction.

Film Lab

This lab is for students interested in film and film production.

Ivan Allen College Ambassador Program

Also includes an Advisory Board


Study the creative intersection of design and computer science. Leverage your computer science technical skills with an understanding of media and visual design to enter fields such as software engineering, entertainment, education, and communication. Each student will choose an LMC or Music thread and a Computer Science thread.

Advisor Contact:

Intro Courses:

LMC 2000 Introduction to Literature, Media, and Communication

An the introductory course to LMC, this course introduces students to key texts and modes of analysis associated with the study of literature, film, digital media, and communication.

LMC 2400 Introduction to Media Studies

This course offers an introduction to the historical development and cultural impact of various forms of media print, radio, television, film, and interactive electronic applications.

LMC 2700 Introduction to Computational Media

Introduction to key concepts, methods, and achievements in computational media, and the convergence of digital technology with cultural traditions of representation.