Student Resources

Time Management

The number one topic of conversation in our Center is time management, that elusive creature. Between classes, personal projects, a social life, and perhaps a job...well, how does one fit all that into a week? Oh yeah, and sleep! All of this is possible with the tools we have gathered.

Organization and Focus

Having a plan is one thing: sticking to it and maximizing your effort is another. With so many opportunities it is easy to get lost in all that static. Let us help you with the resources below.

Motivation & Goals

Let's face it: college is a journey but one which is infinitely easier if you know what you're here for. We also need to acknowledge that college is a growth experience and your motivations and dreams can change. Here are some resources to help you get or stay on track.

Faculty Communication

Faculty are a critical component of your success at Georgia Tech but it isn't always easy to know how best to connect with them. Here are some tips to help you communicate with your professors.

Study Strategies

Cramming is not your friend. Let's repeat that for people in the back: CRAMMING IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. should you study? The most successful students are those willing to experiment and adapt, to try something new and constantly tweak their practices to arrive at what works best. Here are some options that can help you work smarter instead of harder.

Test Prep

Does your professor seem to have an inordinate fondness for high stakes tests? Do you feel unprepared for condensing weeks or months of knowledge into a 50-minute period? Check out the resources below for tips to help you hone your retention and recall.

Metacognition (Learn how to Learn)

Learning how to learn is the single-most important skill, one that can see you to success beyond the halls of Georgia Tech. There are many schools of thought around this subject, from learning styles to growth vs. fixed mindset.

On Demand Workshops

Want to learn more about Time Management, Study Strategies, Test Prep, and other Academic Success skills? Check out our On-Demand Workshop series, available whenever you need them!

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