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Energy Systems

Scientific and Engineering Computing

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Yellow Jacket Flying Club 

Students can complete the requirements for their pilots license through this organization

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (aiAA) 

a connection to the national aerospace professional organization enriching students' understanding of and appreciation for the aerospace industry through interactions with professionals and industry leaders, research and technical development opportunities, etc.


Study the fundamentals of engineering science to innovate and solve problems related to the development and design of aircraft and spacecraft. Work in manufacturing, analysis and design, and research and development in the private and public sector of aerospace technology. 

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Intro Courses:

(major restrictions)

AE 1601 Intro to Aerospace Engineering

Overview of aerospace engineering. Common terminology, introduction to use of engineering models, professional and ethical standards and experience with team-based design of aerospace systems. [Math 1551 is a prereq for this course]

AE 2010 Thermodynamics and Fluid Fundamentals

Thermodynamic and fluid properties. Conservation laws. Isentropic flow, shocks and expansions, introduction to flows with friction and heat transfer. Applications to aerospace devices.

[Math 2551, Physics 2211, Chem 1310 or Chem 1211K are prereqs for this course]

AE 2220 Dynamics

Kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies in plane motion; introduction to kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies in three-dimensional motion.

[COE 2001 and Math 2552 are prereqs for this course]

Change of Major Process:

Students must meet with Dr. Lakshmi Sankar.