Minors + Certificates:

[not exhaustive]

CS, ID, Marketing, Strategy and Innovation, Engineering + Business

Student Orgs:

BMES @ Georgia Tech [The Biomedical Engineering Society]

A great opportunity for students to connect with peers in the major and to attend panels, and to listen to industry speakers.

BME Mentoring Program

For more information on student organizations in Biomedical Engineering visit:


Apply engineering principles to the life sciences to problem solve and design machines for healthcare purposes. Biomedical engineers work on multidisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals to tackle real world problems related to health and medicine.

Advisor Contact:

Intro Courses:

BMED 1000 

This course is an introductory course for students to gain transferable skills and to begin career exploration/development.

BMED 2110

A study of material and energy balances applied to problems in biomedical engineering.

Change of Major Process:

Students should communicate with departmental advisors to begin the major change process.

For transfer students this might require an additional step.